Huntington Beach

Don’t phone/text while driving

POLICE in Huntington Beach recently cited 109 drivers for driving while texting and otherwise using a cell phone unsafely (Shutterstock).

A total of 109 drivers were cited for hands-free cell phone violations in Huntington Beach during a distracted driving enforcement operation throughout the month of April 2022.

“Despite repeated efforts to warn drivers about the hands-free cell phone law, some drivers continue to use their phones while operating a vehicle,” Huntington Beach Police Department Sergeant Mike Thomas said. “Our ultimate goal is to change behaviors that help make our roads safer.”

California has had distracted driving laws on the books since 2008. Under current law, drivers are not allowed to hold their phone or other electronic device while driving. This includes talking, texting, or using an app.

Using a handheld cell phone while driving is punishable by a fine. Violating the hands-free law for a second time within 36 months of a prior conviction for the same offense will result in a point being added to a driver’s record.

If you have an important phone call or need to program directions, pull over to a safe parking spot, say police. Before driving, either silence your phone or put it somewhere you can’t reach. Funding for this program was provided by a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety, through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.



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