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Biden unveils student loan relief

A STUDENT LOAN relief plan announced on Wednesday could cost as much as $300 million (Shutterstock).

A student loan debt forgiveness program was announced Wednesday by President Joe Biden.

According to The Associated Press, the plan would reduce or eliminate college loans for over 40 million Americans. For those with an income below $125,000, a sum of $10,000 in student loan debt would be forgiven. A household with an income of under $250,000 would see the same benefit.

For those who were awarded Pell Grants to go to college, another $10,000 would be forgiven.

“All of this means people can start finally to climb out under that mountain of debt,” said Biden, according to The New York Times.

However some critics decried the cost – estimated at $300 billion or more – and complain that the program was an insult to those who repaid their federally-subsidized student loans, and might fuel inflation.

Missile attack in Ukraine kills 22 

DAMAGE AT RAILWAY STATION in Ukraine (Ukrainian Govt. photo).

As Ukraine celebrated its 31st Independence Day, a Russian missile attack on a railway station on Wednesday killed at least 22 people and wounded 50 others

According to United Press International, the strike took place in the central Ukraine city of Chaplyne. Ukrainian officials called the attack a “terrorist act.”

In April, a rocket attack killed over 50 people at a crowded train station in another city.

Ukraine declared its independence from the Russian-dominated Soviet Union in 1991.

Also in the news … A jury has awarded Kobe Bryant’s widow and family $31 million in a lawsuit over photos of the fatal helicopter crash.

The Uvalde, Texas school board voted unanimously to fire the head of the school district police force.

Sports: Angels vs. Rays; Dodgers vs. Brewers

The Los Angeles Angels will try to break their four-game losing streak when they play the Tampa Bay Rays on the road.

The Los Angeles Dodgers hope to extend their roll of four wins in five games when they host the Milwaukee Brewers.

Weather: Something to watch over me

Partly cloudy skies are in the forecast for the West Orange County area through the weekend. Thursday should have a daytime high of 85 with an overnight low of 68. Friday will be slightly cooler at 84 (67) and cooler still on Saturday at 80 (66). The trend will bottom out on Sunday with a high of 78 (64).

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