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Congress still up for grabs


Which party will control Congress is still open to question two days after Election Day.

While Republicans lead in seats won in the House of  Representatives, it hasn’t yet locked up enough to be certain of a majority. In the Senate, it comes down to races in three states: Arizona, Nevada and Georgia.

All three are undecided; the Democrats need to win two seats to prevail; the Republicans need two as well. 

In Arizona, the Democratic incumbent has a strong lead; in Nevada the Republican challenger has a small edge – about 8,000 votes – with 10 percent of the ballots still to be counted.

In Georgia, incumbent Democrat Ralph Warnock outpolled Republican challenger Hershel Walker by 35,000 votes, but since neither candidate won a majority, there will be a runoff on Dec. 6.

Because many of the as-yet counted votes are mail-in ballots, it may take days or even weeks to decide the outcome.

Alex Jones now owes $1.44 billion

A judge on Thursday order conspiracy theorist Alex Jones to pay $473 million for claiming that the Sandy Hooks school massacre was a staged event.


According to the Associated Press, the total amount of damages against Jones and his Infowars organization is now at $1.44 billion.

Jones claimed that the massacre of 20 first graders and six teachers never happened and was instead enacted by “crisis actors” as a way of promoting gun control.

Jones scoffed at the judgment, claiming he would avoid payment by declaring bankruptcy.

Sports: D.C. sues Commanders, NFL

The district attorney of Washington, D.C. today filed a consumer protection lawsuit against the Washington Commanders, the team owner,  the NFL and its commission.

According to United Press International, the suit accuses the defendants of colluding to keep information about sexual harassment and other problems with the team in order to get financial benefits.

Weather: A good Friday

Friday – Veterans Day – will be mostly sunny for the West Orange County area with a daytime high of 67 with an overnight low of 48, according to the National Weather Service. Saturday will be similar with a high of 67 (48). Sunday is almost the same at 66 (47).

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