Sean McVay is back for 2023

SEAN McVAY, Rams coach (Rams photo).

By Pete Zarustica/Orange County Tribune

Sean McVay, who’s been playing the role of Hamlet at the end of each of the last two Rams’ seasons, has answered the question of “to be or not to be” the team’s head coach for another season.

ESPN reported Friday that the Rams organization confirmed that, yes, McVay would return for the 2023 campaign.

McVay has a contract to coach the Rams through the 2026  season, but after the team’s 5-12 stumble, it’s possible that both parties might decide to break off the relationship.

In the past, McVay has spoken of a desire to become a sports broadcaster as well as to have a family “and the time to enjoy them.”

However, he can hardly be blamed for the team’s collapse after a 3-3 start when quarterback Mathew Stafford, all-pro receiver Cooper Kupp and all-pro defensive lineman Aaron Donald all went down with injuries.

Additionally, the offensive line was porous and until the last few games – with the return of Cam Akers – the team’s rushing game was next to non-existent.

Will all those injuries heal back to Super Bowl condition? Will the Rams find a reliable bunch of tackles and guards? Will Cam play like he did in the first 12 games or the last five?

Who knows? But at least we know who the head coach will be … for one more season, at least.

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