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More Maui missing turning up

LAHAINA fire damage from the Maui fires (U.S. Coast Guard photo/WIkipedia).

The mystery of the missing in the wake of the recent wildfires on Maui is being slowly solved.

According to the Associated Press, after authorities released a list of 388 names of people who had not been identified, some of the “missing” have begun to come forth.

Many from the list are now known to be alive; two others perished in the fire. The list of those identified as having died now stands at 115. The original “missing” list numbered 1,100 people.

A count of 1,732 reported missing have be found to be safe this week.

FBI and other investigators are using DNA evidence to make further identifications.

Shopping habits are shifting


The U.S. economy is roaring along and unemployment is at historically low levels, but economists are noticing some changes in the buying habits of consumers.

The New York Times is reporting some shoppers are becoming more cautious about their purchases. In the post-pandemic period, people spent a lot of money on what would be called luxury items such as expensive electronics and traveling.

Saving accounts may be getting relatively low to the point where consumers are focusing more on the necessities of life. People are looking to save money, so the sales of off-price retailers like Walmart, Burlington and Marshalls are doing very well, while traditional department stores and footwear stores are struggling.

50th anniversary of March on Washington


The 50th anniversary of the historic March on Washington will be observed on Saturday, with the family of civil rights icon Dr. Martin Luther King on hand.

According to United Press International, a crowd of 10,000 and more is expected to convene at the location where Dr. King gave his “I Have A Dream” at the Lincoln Memorial.

Over 200,000 people attended the 1963 event and was a high point of the civil rights movement.

The next year Congress passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 ending racial segregation in public accommodations and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 ensuring a voice at the polls for all Americans.

Weather: Put away your sweater

We’re not calling it summer’s last gasp of warm weather, but our West Orange County area is headed for toastier times. Saturday’s daytime high is expected to be 88 with an overnight low of 65 under partly cloudy skies. Sunday should hit 90 (66) with Monday rising to 92 (70), still with partly cloudy conditions. Sunny weather arrives on Tuesday with a high of 95 (70).

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