The Angels’ season is over early

LOS ANGELES Angels manager Phil Nevin talks to reporters in the dugout (AP Photo/Godofredo A. Vásquez)

It’s not Thanksgiving yet, but as for the “turkey” that is the 2023 edition of the Los Angeles Angels it is done. You can stick a fork it it.

There are three more weeks left in the seasons and while there is – theoretically – a chance for the Halos to post a winning record, the odds are about the same as Madonna becoming a nun.

Having said that, the evidence is quite to the contrary. The month of August was supposed to be when the Orange County team was going to find a new gear and chase down at least a wild card berth like a panther on a tortoise.

Instead the team won seven games and lost 19 in August. At one point in the season the fellas were eight games over .500 and are now (before Tuesday night’s game) they’re 64-74, which means they have been playing 18 games in the red since then.

And most galling of all, they were swept by the Oakland A’s, the worst team in baseball.

You can point to a lot of reasons for this. Injuries … yes, the team has had a lot of them. But every team faces those obstacles, every season. Bad team chemistry? Maybe. The way the Angels have turned their roster into a revolving door can’t work toward team spirit and unity.

Lots of unknowns, frankly. But here are what I believe to be some certainties:

  • Manager Phil Nevin will be fired. Might not be his fault, but any field general who wins only 45 percent of games isn’t the guy you want in the dugout.
  • Shohei Ohtani is out the door. I’m betting the Dodgers.
  • The team will sign a bunch of almost-over-the-hill free agents for 2024 and won’t do much better.
  • Despite all of this, the Angels will nevertheless draw 2 million fans next year.

Some things, like why the boys on State College Boulevard have  been so bad for so long, are hard to understand.

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