Garden Grove

Patti Widdicombe is honored

PATTI WIDDICOMBE was honored at the Garden Grove City Council meeting Tuesday (OC Tribune photo).

From a staff writer

More than a half-century ago, when fast food restaurants were few and far between, the Widdicombe family brought a McDonald’s restaurant to Harbor Boulevard in Garden Grove, one of the first in Orange County.

The restaurant, and its imitators, changed the way Americans ate and socialized and is a familiar sight all across the globe.

A descendent of those hamburger pioneers, Patti Widdicombe, was honored at Tuesday night’s meeting of the Garden Grove City Council. The network of “McD’s” in the city she owns and operates has 300 employees. 

Its noteworthy contributions to the community include helping workers pay for college education, donating food for civic events, and hosting a COVID-19 vaccination event that served 1,200 people, who got a coupon for a food item in addition to the inoculation.

Also on Tuesday night, the council voted to adopt a proclamation to recognize August as Muslim Appreciation and Awareness Month in Garden Grove and to adopt a proclamation celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month in the city.

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