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N. Korean arms to Russia?

KIM JONG UN and Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2019 (Wikipedia).

Could communist North Korea start supplying arms to Russia to fight Ukraine?

The possibility has been raised as Kim Jong Un, leader of the hermit nation, arrived Monday for a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to the Associated Press, Kim took his personal train from the North Korean capital of Pyongyang. Putin is in the Russian Pacific port city of Vladivostok, about 425 miles away.

Sources in the U.S. suggest that Russia is anxious to get more  artillery and replenish ammunition and other supplies as Ukraine pursues a counter-offensive to recover land taken by Russia earlier in the war.

New COVID shots are approved

NEW BOOSTER shots are on the way (Shutterstock).

The Food and Drug Administration on Monday approved a new wave of coronavirus booster shots.

The New York Times is reporting that the CDC will likely issue an advisory on Tuesday on who should get the shots, which will be manufactured by Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna.

After that, the doses should begin to be shipped for inoculations this week. There has been a “covid bump” across the nation in recent weeks and the autumn and winter are the seasons in which contagious illness – including the flu –spreads the most.

Biden calls for unity on 9/11 anniversary

Americans were urged to “continue to stand united” in a speech Monday in Anchorage, Alaska by President Joe Biden.


United Press International said Biden was addressing an audience of military, first responders and their families.

In a “Tribute to Light” held at the 9/11 Memorial and Museum in New York City prominent Democrats and Republican leaders – including Vice President Kamala Harris and Ron DeSantis, Republican governor of Florida – gathered for the observance.

The death toll from the attack was 2,977 people.

Sports: Angels at Mariners; Padres at Dodgers

The Los Angeles Angels scored three runs in the 11th inning to defeat the Seattle Mariners 8-5 on Monday night. The Los Angeles Dodgers lost 11-8 to the San Diego Padres.

Weather: We’re going to cool it

Our West Orange County area is headed into the 70s. Tuesday should see a daytime high of 81 with an overnight low of 65 under partly cloudy skies. Wednesday will be similar but the highs should drop to 78 (64). The forecast for Thursday and Friday should bring the highs down to 76 with morning clouds and afternoon sun.

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