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Six killed in London; 3 attackers dead

A VAN running down people on London Bridge and men stabbing patrons in a nearby district as being treated as “terrorism” by London police.

UPDATE: Six people are dead and 48 people treated in hospitals in the wake of two attacks in London Saturday, according to authorities. Three suspects are also dead, shot by police.


At least two people are believed to have been killed in a pair of incidents in London which are being treated by authorities as being “terrorist” I nature.

Shortly after 10 p.m. Saturday, reports came to police of a van running down pedestrians on London Bridge. Not long after, there were reports of stabbings at the nearby Borough Market.

In the bridge incident, one report by the BBC said that at least six and as many as 11 people were struck by the van. At Borough Market, witnesses said three men with knives were attacking patrons. Police arrived and there was “intense gunfire.”

Reports from London news media indicated that at “more than one person” has been killed, according to the Associated Press.

The Metropolitan Police declared the two attacks as “terrorist incidents.”

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