Huntington Beach

Fix-ups are coming to downtown

THE HUNTINGTON BEACH City Council will hear a report on planned and proposed cleaning and maintenance of the downtown area (OC Tribune photo).

If you are worried that Huntington Beach’s downtown area is getting a little scruffy in places, help is on the way.

The city council on Monday will hear a staff report on plans to make maintenance and other public improvements on the area near the city’s famed pier. The fixes will include:

  • planter brick replacement
  • skate stops
  • removal of stickers on poles and of graffiti
  • paver weed removal
  • pressure washing of all poles (due to dog urination)
  • replacement of stones in the Pier Plaza amphitheater with skate stops
  • curb painting (completed with a planned Main Street repaving project).

The cleanup stemmed from a request made at the May 15 council meeting when the council asked city staff and the Downtown Business Improvement District to come up with a list of work needed to be done.

According to the report prepared by Assistant City Manager Ken Domer, those listed above would be “immediate fixes” to be done by the city’s public works department. Others, such as creating a parking meter pay station which would eliminate parking meters would be much more costly –$80,000 in this case – and the city could have to identify new funding sources and prioritize which fixes should happen first.

The total cost of all the maintenance items was placed at $278,350.

The council will meet at 6 p.m. in its chambers at 2000 Main St. (at Yorktown Avenue).


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