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“Equalizer 2” is equally entertaining

DENZEL WASHINGTON stars in “The Equalizer 2.”

Denzel Washington’s first sequel, “Equalizer 2,” is predictably pleasant.

Predictable because there are few surprises in this story of a retired secret agent turned vigilante, and pleasant because everything Mr. Washington does on screen is enjoyable to watch.

He again portrays Robert McCall, a soft-spoken kick-asterisk fellow who avenges wrongs both minor and egregious. Last time out he worked at a faux Home Depot; this time he is a Lyft driver beating the mileage out of various kinds of urban trash.

What’s different this time is a kind of father-son relationship between himself and a neighborhood kid, Miles (Anton Sanders).  That youth is teetering between a life of crime and a career as an artist, and McCall is determined to tip him in the right direction.

There is another subplot, when bad guys kill our heroes’ best friend (Susan Plummer as Melissa Leo), creeps who he happens to know from the old days.

Much violence follows, and the good guys prevail in a satisfyingly Denzelish way. Director Antoine Fuqua – who worked with Washington on “Training Day” and other projects – has again created another inner-city battle-royal with brains and heart. We can expect “Equalizer 3” in a few years. –JT

“Equalizer 2” is rated R for profanity, drug use and violence.

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