Statements on outcome of recall vote

STATEMENTS on the outcome of the Westminster City Council recall election (Shutterstock).

Note to readers: While the process of collecting and tabulating votes in the April 7 Westminster City Council recall election is not quite finished, the outcome appears to be certain. Here are statements from Westminster United, which spearheaded the recall effort, and from Mayor Tri Ta and Councilmember Chi Charlie Nguyen. They have not been edited.


DAVID JOHNSON of Westminster United.

While it appears that the recall effort was not successful and devastating to the community, we are all trying to find the silver lining.  Friendships have been created and history made. During trying times, residents of this great city banded together and brought back a sense of community- something that has long been missing.

We are also looking towards the November election and working as a nonpartisan community to find servant leadership, critical thinkers and willingness to represent everyone regardless of party affiliation.

Our city deserves leaders that will hear the concerns and fight for every citizen not just those residents who have been misled and brainwashed.  We will not give up on making our city a better place for all of our residents.



I am deeply gratified to be elected by the voters of Westminster, twice, in less than 18 months! Last night’s election results show that the residents of Westminster very much like where this city is heading and who are leading them. The results also show that Westminster has sent a strong and unambiguous message: We reject unfounded political accusations against our local leaders and attempts by outsiders to buy our city council.


As a first-term member of the council who had barely served six months when this recall effort was initiated, I truly felt like an innocent political victim caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, trying my best to plead reason and understanding to a disgruntled group of activists who was hell-bent on toppling the current membership of the city council. As frustrated as I was with the political turmoil on and off the council dais, I never doubted the good judgment of the voters of Westminster, many of whom are my friends and neighbors, and they have loudly spoken with their ballots, “Charlie Nguyen is a decent and honorable man. Let him continue with his job on the Westminster City Council!”

And with a strong mandate given by the voters tonight, I am honored to represent the City of Westminster, my beautiful hometown. My commitment to the residents still holds true and I will continue to advocate for these common sense policies:

  •  Limited government with a balanced annual budget;
  •  More public safety resources to better serve and protect our residents;
  •  Full transparency and accountability while reducing red-tape at City Hall;
  •  and funding for road and street improvements to relieve traffic congestion.

In addition to the voters of Westminster, I want to thank my wife for her love and unwavering support, along with my children and numerous friends and volunteers, who have been with me throughout this protracted campaign. I also want to acknowledge the invaluable counsel of my advisors, community leaders, and numerous organizations that have contributed so much to the success of this campaign. They were on the front-line along my side, fighting the good fight. Ultimately, this is not simply a win for any one individual, but a collective victory for all the residents of Westminster.

Finally, as our community and nation continue to deal with defeating the coronavirus contagion, I ask that all of us come together in unity to vanquish this terrible disease in the days ahead. Please heed the instructions and health advisories of the authorities. Thank you all and please stay safe with your loved ones.


The people of Westminster have spoken and we heard you loud and clear! Thank you for your overwhelming vote of confidence in retaining the council majority as we continue our tireless effort in making Westminster — an ‘All-America City’ — a better place to work and live. The voters have given us a clear mandate and we take this mandate as a sacred duty to represent the best interest of all the residents of this great city. Despite the noise of the campaign season, you have once more entrusted us with your votes and support. We are grateful for this support as we strive to fulfill our pledge to you to make City Hall more responsive and accountable.

TRI TA, mayor.

I also extend my congratulations to two of my most hard working colleagues on the council, Vice Mayor Kimberly Ho and Councilman Chi Charlie Nguyen, for their tremendous victory tonight. A big round of appreciation goes to my trusted advisors, all the workers, volunteers and civic organizations, in Westminster and from around the country, who refused to be intimidated by money and harassment throughout this long campaign. You have helped deliver the message of truth to the residents of Westminster and they have responded resoundingly.

And to those who did not support me in this election, I promise to work harder to gain your trust, not by words but by deeds. Now that Westminster has spoken, it is time for all of us to leave the campaign behind, to join hands and work together as one. My doors are always open to you – supporters and opponents alike.

Please take care of yourself and your family during this virus pandemic. Stay in-door and stay at a safe distance from each other. May God bless you and God bless Westminster!



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