Garden Grove

A warm “Winter in the Grove”

TRAVELERS through the “Winter in the Grove” event in Garden Grove Saturday night were all smiles about their journey (Orange County Tribune photo).

The annual “Winter in the Grove” event in Garden Grove faced some headwinds this year, but not of the snowy type. On Saturday, one day before the state’s “stay at home” order to try to curb the spread of the coronavirus took effect, members of the community got a glimpse of peace and goodwill to men … and women and kids, too.

A SIGNPOST in the ‘Winter” wonderland.

Because of rules on masks, social distancing and sanitation, the event had to be reimagined for 2020 by Garden Grove Community Services.  In years past, the event took place in the Village Green Park with the lighting of the city’s 40-foot Christmas tree, on-stage entertainment, food and Santa and Mrs. Claus.

This year the “Winter” took the form of a journey. Families bundled up in their SUVs and sedans and drove along a path at the park and through the parking lot of the nearby United Methodist Church. “Travelers” had to stay in their vehicles but got a close-up look at a variety of holiday scenes, classic and famous cars and a chance to have a properly distanced photo taken with Kris Kringle.

Various goodies including cookies (thanks to a nearby 7-11 convenience store), coloring stuff, a lanyard and various informative brochures were distributed.

Despite the changes, the event was an evident success, having sold out all 400 tickets that were available.

COOKIES and more were donated by the team at the 7-11 store at Garden Grove Boulevard and Nelson Street.



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