Garden Grove

Knife-wielding suspect arrested

A KNIFE-WIELDING Anaheim man was arrested Friday night at Chapman Sports Complex in Garden Grove (Shutterstock).

Bystanders tackled and held a knife-wielding attacker Friday evening at Chapman Sports Complex in Garden Grove.

According to Sgt. Vince Vaicaro, the incident took place after 7 p.m. at the athletic fields at Chapman Avenue and Knott Street. The suspect – identified as Russell Husges, 43, of Anaheim – was there to speak to his estranged wife.


The woman was seated, watching her child on the field preparing to play, and then the child looked at his mother and alerted her the father was coming up behind her.

According to Vaicaro, she saw him walking up holding two kitchen knives. She stood and fled, screaming for help. The suspect gave chase, but was grabbed and overpowered by a youth sports coach and an off-duty police officer. They disarmed the man and held him until GGPD officers arrived.

The suspect arrested on a charge of attempted homicide and was taken to Orange County Jail.

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  1. He was there to speak to his estranged wife with knives in hand.. was this Edward Scissor hands cousin? How about writing the description accurately and say he was there to attack her.

  2. By the grace of God … the child alerting mom, and two brave men nearby. Wow.

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