Cannabis business plans advance

THE STANTON City Council took two actions to advance cannabis business in the city (Shutterstock).

The Stanton City Council took another step toward making the city a center for the cultivation, processing and selling of cannabis products with two actions Tuesday night.

On a 5-0 vote, the council approved a professional services contract with HdL Companies to provide cannabis – marijuana – background check and validation services through April 27, 2022. The cost of the contract is an amount not to exceed $60,000.

In concert with that action, the council voted 5-0 to amend the schedule of fees and charges for a cannabis permit. Originally set at $2,600, the cost of the permit will now also add a $5,500 background and investigation fee per applicant to defray the costs incurred by the process of overseeing this new area of commerce.

Stanton is planning to attract such businesses as a way of raising more revenue. One consultant estimated that annual new revenue of $1 million and more to the city.

So far, there are four eligible applicants for retail/storefront sales, four for delivery/non-storefront business, one for distribution, one for manufacturing and four for cultivation.


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