COVID numbers sliding fast

VACCINES have nearly stopped the progress completely of the coronavirus (Shutterstock).

The numbers used to track the strength of the coronavirus in Orange County continued to shrink in Wednesday’s report.

According to the county health agency, the number of new cases dropped from 26 to 22. Deaths are down from three to two, and hospitalizations from 76 to 72.

Patients being treated for COVID-19 in intensive care units fell from 11 to 9.

To date, coronavirus cases are at 255,070, of which 248,552 have recovered. Deaths total 5,054.

Nationally, new cases have declined by 37 percent, according to a 14-day tally by The New York Times. Deaths are down 13 percent.

In California, cases are down 29 percent, reports the Los Angeles Times, and deaths by 30 percent.


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