Good news on COVID front?

HAND-WASHING, mask-wearing and social distancing are still weapons against the spread of coronavirus, along with vaccination, say health officials (Pexels/Cottonbro).

Too much emphasis should not be put on one day’s numbers, but Tuesday’s report on the coronavirus in Orange County can at least offer the possibility that this latest surge in COVID-19 has crested and is beginning to recede.

According to the county health care agency, the latest count of confirmed new cases is at 235, a steep drop from Monday’s three-day average of 470 cases. Additionally, deaths declined from 21 to 13 and hospitalizations from 300 to 288. The use of intensive care units for treated coronavirus patients is down to 72 from 80 on Monday.

To date, Orange County has had 296,932 cases, of which 282,630 are considered recovered. The death total is at 5,418.

At the national level, The New York Times is reporting that – over a 14-day period – new cases are down 33 percent and deaths are up 12 percent. In California (over a similar period), the Los Angeles Times is calculating that new cases have declined 31 percent and deaths have decreased by 3 percent.

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