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Shopping mall hit; 8 killed

RUSSIAN attacks in Ukraine continue and shopping mall in Kyiv is destroyed (Shutterstock).

The shelling and missile strikes continue as Russian forces invading Ukraine – apparently stalemated on several fronts – continue to relay on bombs, artillery shells and rockets to ravage the besieged port city of Mariupol.

According to The New York Times, the large Retroville Mall in the capital city of Kyiv was destroyed in a massive explosion believed to be caused by a missile strike. At least eight people are reported to be killed.

In related developments:

  • President Joe Biden on Monday warned American companies that Russia may retaliate against the sanctions organized by the United State by launching cyberattacks, and urged them to tighten their security measures.
  • According to United Press International, Ukrainian forces have been able to keep Russian troops over 15 miles away from the center of Kyiv (also known was Kiev).

Jackson: No “fear nor favor”


Pledging to decide cases “without fear or favor,” U.S. Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson opened her testimony on Monday before the Senate.

According to the Associated Press, she emphasized that she has been an independent voice on the courts in which she has served.

“I have dedicated my career to ensuring that the words engraved on the front of the Supreme Court building – equal justice under law – are a reality and not just an ideal,” she said.

If confirmed she would be the first African American woman on the high court, and the third Black person overall in that role.

Sports: Women have their March Madness, too

With all the attention focused on the men’s side of the NCAA basketball tournament, the women’s tournament sometimes gets overshadowed.

“Sweet 16” games are scheduled for today, with eight contests on the docket. The Final Four is set for April 1-3 in Minneapolis.

Weather: Get out your shorts

Warm weather is the forecast for the West Orange County area for the next several days. Tuesday will have a daytime high of 86 (57 overnight) and Wednesday will be similar with a high of 86 (55). Both days will be sunny and so will Thursday, which will be slightly cooler at 81 (55). Enjoy it while you can … the thermometer will dip into the 60s next week and there’s a strong chance of rain.

Business: Inflation’s hidden cost

Why do things cost more these days, and whom can we blame? According to, much of the cost comes from the skyrocketing expense involved in shipping, including the price of the shipping containers used to move everything from automobiles to toilet paper. The price tag for shipping a 40-foot freight container had increased by a factor of seven in the past two years, and that’s being passed on to the consumer.



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