Murder suspect is fatally shot

TRENT MILSAP, suspect in a fatal stabbing in Westminster. He was fatally shot by police on Friday (WPD photo).

To our readers: This article replaces one posted earlier.

The suspect in a fatal stabbing on Wednesday morning in Westminster was fatally shot in a confrontation with a SWAT team on Friday.

According to Commander Kevin MacCormack of the WPD, Trent William Milsap, 28, of Anaheim, was killed by officers of the West Orange County SWAT team. The victim in the stabbing that took place Wednesday at a gasoline station has been identified as Robert John East, 38, of San Dimas.

According to the Westminster Police Department, the shooting occurred at an apartment in the 3300 block of Lincoln Avenue.

There, Milsap “became confrontational,” according to a statement by the WPD. A K-9 was deployed and “an officer-involved shooting took place. No officers were injured, however, a police K-9 sustained a single gunshot wound that was not life-threatening.”

Milsap was taken to UCI Medical Center in Orange where he later died from his wounds.

The victim has been identified as a former professional race car driver. An investigation into the stabbing is still in process and the motive for the stabbing has not been determined.

As is protocol, the shooting is being investigated by the Orange County District Attorney’s office and the Department of Justice.

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    • Damn he was a human do u know him personally do u know the facts around case HE WAS ACCUSED OF? Probably not ur just a sheep who swings from the balls of law enforcement let me ask u then sense in ur view its OK to hold trial in street when people are accused do the accused get to shoot back too? Or is law enforcement the only 1 allowed to shoot like I said sheep next time u open ur mouth it should be to eat a dick

  1. Great Job WPD. Taking this horrible excuse of a human. WPD thank you for making our cities safer.

    • U don’t know 1 thing about this man I DONT THINK UR GOD so leave the judgement to him comments like this is a big part of what needs to change So he was wanted for a murder that might of been self defense or maybe he would of beat in trial and he gets murdered in street by the law looking to arrest him for murder 🤔 that is the definition of hypocrit don’t take what I’m saying wrong police have tough job and if someone threatens their lives by all means protect yrself I just wish my life was as valuable and I could defend it the same way without prosecution

  2. Police have an easy hand at shooting people to kill whatever the case. A person is not given any chance to survive as soon as police is around. People are treated like ducks and “to kill” is always the motto.
    In no other country is the police so defiantly lethal. Thank you for their car mottos: here to serve and protect. It is from the police itself that we need protection.

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