What do you dream about?

WHAT’S YOUR most common recurring dream? (Shutterstock).

You may be dreaming of a white Christmas, but most of us have other slumber-time imaginations.

According to a recently-published survey commissioned by Amerisleep, a company which manufactures mattresses, the five most common recurring dreams are these:

  • Falling
  • Being chased
  • Being back in school
  • Being unprepared for a test
  • Flying.

Now, I assume that the survey – for discretion,  eliminated responses that involved naughty dreams – and I think that does capture the most “popular” unconscious adventures .

I note that 38 percent of people surveyed dreamed of being back in school and 34 percent being unprepared for a test. Taken together, that’s 72 percent.

Why do we recall the adventures – or misadventures – of a classroom, years and decades later?  Certainly those were formative years of our lives. But why not have recurring dreams of hitting that home run, or getting 100 percent on an exam?

One theory I read was that in dreams, we “seek to resolve our unresolved issues.” Malarky, as Joe Biden might say. If that were true we would be getting A’s on the  tests and have The One Who Got Away apologizing for not recognizing your/our wonderfulness.

The second five most popular were:

  • Mortality, which I think (yikes!) means death
  • Having your teeth fall out
  • Being lost
  • Going nowhere or moving in slow motion (sounds like Washington, D.C., doesn’t it?)
  • Being late for (or missing) a plane, bus or train.

Pretty grim, huh? The next time someone says. “You’re my dream (man or woman),” you may not be getting a compliment.

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