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Police offer advice on “creepy clowns”

THERE have been two sightings of "creepy clowns" In Huntington Beach, according to police (Wikipedia/Graeme MacLean).

THERE have been two sightings of “creepy clowns” In Huntington Beach, according to police (Wikipedia/Graeme MacLean).

Heard of the wave of “scary clown” pranks being reported across the country. The Huntington Beach Police Department is cautioning residents to avoid confrontations with these people dressed in such costumes.

In a post on social media, the HBPD noted that “Victims have reportedly been chased, followed, harassed or taunted by people wearing clown masks or costumes. Many of them are considered hoaxes or pranks, but in some cases they have been associated with real threats resulting in arrests. These pranks have resulted in injuries and even death in some states.” Creepy clowns sightings and incidents have been reported in at least 24 states.

Police reported there have been two reported “creepy clown” sightings in Huntington Beach, but there have been no reported incidents at any school campus in the city despite some social media threats.

The HBPD’s advice?

“These hoaxes are a huge concern to law enforcement due to the uncertainty of the intentions of the perpetrating party whether it’s a prank or a real threat. These incidents are likely to increase as we get closer to Halloween. Do not hunt or pursue these individuals. Anyone who sees anything suspicious can call the Huntington Beach Police Department at (714) 960-8811.”



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