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Kim Nguyen, GG council candidate

CANDIDATE PROFILES for city offices in Garden Grove, Huntington Beach and Westminster.

CANDIDATE PROFILES for city offices in Garden Grove, Huntington Beach and Westminster.

Note to readers: The Orange County Tribune is posting the results of questionnaires sent to candidates for city office in Garden Grove, Huntington Beach and Westminster as a public service. These are not paid political ads and do not imply endorsement. They are being posted in the order in which they are received.

Name: Kim Bernice Nguyen

Office being sought: Garden Grove City Council, District 6

KIM NGUYEN, Garden Grove City Council candidate.

KIM NGUYEN, Garden Grove City Council candidate.

City of residence: Garden Grove

Age:   25                            Occupation: Health Care Administrator

Family: Single

Education: Clinton-Mendenhall Elementary School, Doig Intermediate School, Santiago High School (Proud Cavalier), and University of California, Santa Cruz, B.A. in Politics

Other public service: Former intern for State Senator Lou Correa, Author of the district map unanimously approved by the Garden Grove City Council

Why do you want to run for this office?

I am a lifelong resident of east Garden Grove. I grew up here, went to school here, my family is here, this is my home. East Garden Grove is a wonderful area that has been neglected for too long. It is filled with hard working families and youth that strive every day to overcome too many obstacles.

As the author of the district map that was unanimously chosen by the City Council, I experienced firsthand navigating a contentious process and being able to build consensus. During this process, it became clear to me that East Garden Grove wanted to be heard, they just needed a little push in the right direction; someone to show them that their voices mattered and were equally important. I also believe the community needs a fighter, one who won’t be afraid to take a stand on tough issues and will not hide when the going gets tough.

In addition, the city of Garden Grove is at a crossroads. Our City Council is expanding to seven members from five and the majority of the council will be new members. There are many issues facing the city that will affect East Garden Grove, in particular and there are ideas l have that will help lead Garden Grove into the next 60 years.

What do you think are the major issues facing your city/school district, and what would you do about them?

Public Safety: Our City’s first responders are extremely important and the role they play on a day to day basis needs to be better supported. One of my top priorities is to safeguard our Firefighters and Police Officers by supplying them with the resources they need to do their job. As residents of Garden Grove we need to work together to ensure our safety and that of our City. The Garden Grove Police Department is working extremely hard with their limited resources. Not only will I advocate for an increase in officers but will also organize community forums where residents can communicate with officers and receive education on safe ways to help reduce crime in Garden Grove.

Economic Development: East Garden Grove has the potential to grow and develop due to its location to tourist attractions. I want to continue developing the Harbor Corridor and other commercial areas to bring good paying jobs improve the economy of east Garden Grove.

At the same time we need to ensure that the development does not intrude on the quality of life of our residents. I will work to find the right balance between economic development and maintaining the integrity of the neighborhoods.

Community Development – It is time that District 6 turn to innovative ways to improve the community. As your representative, I will work with the Garden Grove Unified School District as well as private entities to allocate more space for community parks and create joint use agreements to open up school playgrounds during off school hours.  I will seek community input for ways to improve and sustain the east side of Garden Grove. My focus will be for safe spaces for Garden Grove youth, more health and fitness access points for Garden Grove residents and environmentally friendly solutions to city eye sores.

Homelessness – Homelessness and mental health have always been a personal passion of mine. The homelessness issue in Orange County has escalated rapidly in the last year. The County and numerous nonprofit organizations are stepping up to try and find solutions. I will work with the City, City Staff and law enforcement to participate in the conversations in order to address the issue of homelessness in Orange County and provide help to those who are homeless in Garden Grove, especially our Veterans and the seriously mentally ill.

I also am the only candidate to pledge to hold monthly office hours throughout the district and meet with the residents to discuss their concerns.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I am endorsed by:

Garden Grove Firefighters

Garden Grove Police Association

Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez

Senator Lou Correa (Ret.)

Assemblyman Tom Daly

Garden Grove Councilman Kris Beard

Coast Community College District Trustee and former Congressman Jerry Patterson

Orange County Labor Federation

LA/Orange Counties Building and Construction Trades Council

United Domestic Workers, AFSCME Local 3930

National Women’s Political Caucus

(Partial List)


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