Garden Grove

Fireplace log leads to GG house fire

GARDEN GROVE fire truck (GGFD photo).

GARDEN GROVE fire truck (GGFD photo).

A smoldering log from a fireplace is being blamed for a blaze that struck a home in West Garden Grove early this morning. According to the GGFD, the fire was at a single story house in the 5900 block of Santa Catalina Avenue and was reported at 3 a.m.

Arriving firefighters found smoke throughout the house and evacuated three residents, including two elderly persons. The seniors were treated for smoke inhalation by paramedics and taken to a nearby hospital.

It’s believed that the fire was caused when a log rolled out from the fireplace and melted a nearby rug and drape. The blaze did not spread any further, according to the GGFD. Assistance was provided by the Orange County Fire Authority.

Firefighters advise that any flame or fire be extinguished before you go to bed.

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