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200 or more killed in Sri Lanka bombings

AT LEAST 200 people were killed by suicide bombers in Sri Lanka on Sunday (Shutterstock).

At least 200 people were killed Sunday by suicide bombers in churches and hotels in Sri Lanka.

According to authorities, 13 suspects have been arrested in connection with the terrorist attack in the island nation off the south coast of India. The coordinated explosions ignited at 8:45 a.m. local time as crowds gathered for Easter observances and meals.

Three Catholic churches and three “upscale” hotels were hit, according to The New York Times. An estimated 450 people were injured and the death toll may rise higher.

Included in the list of those killed were 35 or more foreigners, including some Americans. No claim of responsibility was made. Sri Lanka –– long-known as Ceylon — suffered from a civil war which ended in 2009, but there have also been reports about a radical Muslim group making a threat about 10 days ago.

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