GGUSD board adopts “Choose Wellness”

THE GGUSD school board is (left to right) Walter Muneton, Dina Nguyen, Lan Nguyen, Teri Rocco, and Bob Harden (GGUSD photo).

At its Sept. 3 meeting, the Garden Grove Unified School District Board of Education adopted Resolution No. 11 expressing the board’s ongoing commitment to support student wellness.  As part of the resolution, the board of called for a “Choose Wellness GGUSD” awareness campaign with an increased focus on mental health awareness, including:

  • Educating students, families and staff about general wellness awareness, stigma reduction for mental illness (including seeking treatment) and methods to refer individuals for additional support when needed;
  • Ensuring that all students have access to mental health and wellness support, and that special efforts are made to support our most vulnerable students who may feel stigmatized in society due to their ethnicity, nation of origin, gender/sexual orientation, perceived disability, religion or any other characteristic;
  • Equipping all students with targeted skills to improve motivation and growth mindset and increase engagement in their education and school community;
  • Providing high quality school-based wellness services that are linked to community wellness services and are readily accessible to all GGUSD students, families and staff;
  • Emphasizing the importance of the wellness support that certificated school psychologists, school counselors, school nurses and school social workers provide, as well as the need to have a small student to school wellness provider ratio at our school sites;
  • Embedding mental health and wellness supports into the school day to foster a positive climate and culture at all sites.



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