Huntington Beach

2nd night of downtown disorder

AFTERMATH of Saturday’s disorder in downtown Huntington Beach. Another, smaller outbreak followed on Sunday night (Photo by Dean Groscost).

A second night of riotous behavior hit downtown Huntington Beach on Sunday.

The group involved in last night’s actions was estimated by the HBPD at about 150 people, compared to the 2,500 or so people on Saturday, when 149 people were arrested on a variety of charges, including vandalism, failure to disperse and the firing of dangerous and/or illegal fireworks.

According to police, Sunday’s melee resulted in the arrest of 29 people, of which 18 were juveniles. Unlike Saturday, when there was widespread vandalism, the crowd was not declared to be an unlawful assembly until fireworks were hurled at police officers.

Sunday’s arrests were for assault with a deadly weapon, fireworks, resisting arrest and failure to disperse.

Saturday’s disorder apparently stemmed from a TikTok video in which a person posted an invitation to a birthday party called “Adrian’s KickBack.” A large group congregated at Huntington Beach State Beach, then moved to the pier and downtown area where unlawful behavior broke out, according to police.


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