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Climate change dangers told

CLIMATE CHANGE affects immigration, national security and more, according to two reports released on Thursday (Shutterstock).

Climate change may be affecting more than the weather and rising of sea levels. Two reports issued on Thursday – one by the White House and another by the U.S. intelligence community – argue that migration and immigration, national security and the economy are tied in some way to the changes in our environment.

United Press International reports that the report of the intelligence committee states, “Geopolitical tensions are likely to grow as countries increasingly argue about how to accelerate the reductions in net greenhouse gas emissions.”

Where climate change raises temperatures, creating drought conditions and nibbling away at coastline as ice melts and oceans expand, migration from poorer to richer countries is likely to be stimulated.

A survey, reports UPI, found that nearly 100 percent of scientific studies determined that human activity is the primary cause of climate change.

Democrats race to finish domestic deal

DEMOCRATS have a slight edge over Republicans in Congress (Shutterstock).

The original proposed $3.5 trillion package aimed at the social safety net and fighting climate change has been slimmed down to $2 trillion as President Joe Biden and Democrats in Congress race to get the legislation passed.

Democrats hold a slim majority in the House of Representatives and a technical majority in the Senate (divided 50-50, but Vice President Kamala Harris can break a tie), but some centrists in the party have reservations about the original cost and some other aspects of the proposals, according to the Associated Press.

“We have a goal. We have a timetable. We have milestones, and we’ve met them all,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-California).

Also the news …

  • Former President Donald Trump is planning to launch a new social media platform to be called “Truth.” Short posts will be called “truths,” similar to how Twitter messages are called “tweets.”
  • A Minneapolis police officer was sentenced to 57 months in prison for the manslaughter killing of an unarmed woman in 2017. Mohammed Noor had originally been convicted of third degree murder, but a higher court determined that a manslaughter charge was more appropriate than murder.

Sports: Dodgers aren’t out yet, win Game 5 by 11-2

UPDATE: Chris Taylor hit three home runs and A.J. Pollock two as the Los Angeles Dodgers defeated the Atlanta Braves 11-2 in Game Five of the National League Championship Series on Thursday night and stay alive. The Braves still lead the series three wins to two. Game Six will be played in Atlanta on Saturday at 2:08 p.m. (Pacific time) and a Game Seven – if necessary – would be played on Sunday.

Taylor and Pollock accounted for 10 of the team’s 11 runs. Taylor drove in six and Pollock four. Overall, the Dodgers outhit the Braves 17-5.


The offense that was late to arrive – but finally did – on Tuesday didn’t show up much on Wednesday as the Los Angeles Dodgers lost Game Four of the National League Championship Series to the Atlanta Braves, 9-2. The Georgia team now leads the series three games to one, requiring the Blue Crew to win three in a row to advance to the World Series.

Today’s (Thursday) game is at Dodger Stadium at 5 p.m. and telecast on TBS.

In the American League series, the Houston Astros blasted the Boston Red Sox 9-1 in Fenway Park to take a 3-2 lead in the series. They can win it on Friday at home .

Also in sports …

  • The Los Angeles Clippers open their 2021-22 today at Golden State at 7 p.m.
  • The Anaheim Ducks (2-3) lost 5-1 to the Winnipeg Jets (1-2-1) on Thursday.

Weather: The Spirit of ‘71

Yes, that’s what the daytime high temperature is forecast to be on Friday in the West Orange County area: 71 degrees (with an overnight low of 60). It’ll be cloudy in the morning and sunny in the afternoon, but there’s a 10 percent chance of rain. On Saturday the temperature will remain at 71 (56 low) but with a 23 percent chance of rain.

In the coast areas of Huntington Beach, it’ll be a bit cooler: 68 on Friday and 69 on Sunday. There is a 22 percent chance of rain on Saturday.


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  1. We have been talking about this for years in my courses. The number of “climate refugees” will continue to grow and we will face difficult choices as to what to do about them. This is a problem faced by North America, Europe, and Australia has already refused entry to people whose islands are sinking under the ocean.

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