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Police action at homeless camp

A HOMELESS encampment at Beach Boulevard and the Garden Grove (22) Freeway was broken up by police (WPD photo).


Westminster and Garden Grove police partnered recently to deal with homeless encampments near the underpass of the Garden Grove (22) Freeway at Beach Boulevard.

The Community Preservation Unit from the GGPD and the Homeless Liaison Office unit from the WPD, along with City Net – which coordinates services for the unsheltered – were involved.

Fifteen people were illegally camping in the area, according to police, and several of them were repeat offenders who have refused services provided by City Net, or refused to comply with “no trespassing” signs posted in the area.

Twelve people were arrested on outstanding warrants, five for being in possession of narcotics such as fentanyl and methamphetamines, and one for carrying a concealed weapon.

One person received a housing referral from City Net.

Several truckloads of abandoned property were recovered, including eight shopping carts and 12 bicycles.

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  1. It didn’t do much good there is trash everywhere and the people they chased out of there are back and trash is all over the place. I am homeless and I manage to put my trash in trash cans . I wish someone would give me the opportunity to live in an apartment. I would be ever so grateful.

  2. Most of the ones who run or leave property behind …are the ones .who are in the process of committing crimes..while the city sleeps.. thinking it will go unnoticed…Safety. First..Drive Slow… commitment Honor Respect Loyalty Love Trust ..

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