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Russians will invade Ukraine

RUSSIANS in unmarked uniforms took part in the 2014 seizure of Crimea (Wikipedia).

Russian troops will enter Ukraine to counter “aggression” from that neighboring nation, Vladimir Putin announced on Thursday.

In a televised address, the Russian leader said that any nation that attempted to interfere with his nation’s invasion would face “consequences they have never seen,” according to the Associated Press.

In response, Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky vowed that his people would resist the Russian “operations,” vowing, “When you attack us, you will see our faces, not our backs.”

Earlier in the day, The New York Times reported that American troops in Poland were poised to help evacuate Ukrainian citizens who might choose to flee a possible wider war in their nation. So far, Putin’s “special military operation” appeared to be aimed at pro-Russian separatists in the eastern part of Ukraine.

The United States has no military obligation to defend Ukraine, but has lined up an array of economic sanctions aimed at Russia and Putin, and is sending supplies and weapons to the threatened nation.

Sports: Troy Aikman aiming for “MNF” post?


Troy Aikman, the former Dallas Cowboy star, is reportedly negotiating to leave his job as the leading NFL color commentator for Fox Sports and take a similar post with ESPN’s “Monday Night Football.”

According to the New York Post, Aikman would get a contract for five years with a salary similar to the $17.5 million salary paid to Tony Romo at CBS.

He played for 12 seasons for the Dallas Cowboys after starring as a quarterback for UCLA, When with the Cowboys, Aikman won threw Super Bow rings and has been named both to NFL and college football Halls of Fame.

Weather: Mostly sunny, getting warmer

If you can wait until the weekend, summer-like weather is coming to the West Orange County area. The forecast is for a high of 64 on Thursday under sunny skies, with an overnight low of 39. The thermometer will creep up to 66 on Friday and to 73 on Saturday and Sunday. Temps will peak at 81 on Tuesday.

Business: Bear’s actions leading to bear market?

As the Russian “bear” moved troops in Ukraine – followed quickly by the announcement of economic sanctions by the U.S. and its Western allies – Wall Street’s leading stock indexes declined on Wednesday.

According to, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 465 points, and declines were also reported for Nasdaq and the S&P 500. Further decreases in stock value could lead to a “correction,” which is defined as a decline of 10 percent from an earlier high.

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