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Bombardment war continues

RUINS of a building stuck by Russian artillery fire on the road leading to the capital city of Kyiv (Wikipedia).

The war in Ukraine continues as a rain of Russian artillery shells, missiles and bombs fall on airfields, residential areas and industrial targets.

Associated Press is reporting that the attacks have widened the war to the western and eastern edges of the nation, as the drive toward the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv (also known as Kiev) has stalled.

At the same time, President Joe Biden announced on Friday that the U.S. and European allies have agreed to revoke Russia’s “most favored nation status,” and will prohibit the importation of Russian seafood, alcohol (including vodka) and diamonds.

“The free world is coming together to confront [Russian President Vladimir] Putin,” said Biden.

Sports: Clayton will return

Clayton Kershaw, one of the most dominant pitchers in Los Angeles Dodgers’ history has reportedly signed a one-year contract for 2022 with the home team. According to Los Angeles Times, the deal is worth $17 million with incentives possibly adding to that sum.

He’s won the Cy Young Award three times as the best pitcher in the National League, and Most Valuable Player of the NL in 2014.

Weather: Warm, then cool, then warm …

There will be a bit of a roller coaster of temperatures for the West Orange County area over the next few days. Saturday is forecast to be sunny with a high of 78 (overnight low of 49). That will cool off to 70 (49) on Sunday with mostly sunny conditions. The high of 78 returns on Monday as do the sunny skies.

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