New cases down, deaths up

CORONAVIRUS numbers in Orange County in Tuesday’s report showed a decrease in new cases but increases in deaths and hospitalizations (Shutterstock),

The latest report from the Orange County Health Care Agency shows a decline in confirmed new cases of coronavirus, but increases in deaths and hospitalization.

OCHA’s update for today (Tuesday) covers Friday through Monday, a total of four days. The latest count of new cases is 1,728, which is an average of 432 per day. That compares to Friday’s report average of 460.

However, deaths rose from two (average of 0.5) to eight (2.0). Hospitalizations went from 97 to 101, while the use of intensive care units to treat COVID-19 patients stayed even at 17.

To date, Orange County has had 557,388 cases of coronavirus, of which 541,929 are considered recovered. The death total is at 7,019.

Nationally, The New York Times reports new cases up 49 percent and deaths up 2 percent, over a 14-day period. In California, according to Los Angeles Times, new cases have risen 56 percent, while deaths are down 23 percent over a similar interval.



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