Huntington Beach

Pacific Airshow will return

THE AIR FORCE Thunderbirds will perform at the Pacific Airshow this fall over Huntington Beach (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt Richard Rose Jr.)

The Pacific Airshow over Huntington Beach will be returning after a one-year hiatus. The event will be held Sept. 30 to Oct. 2.

This year’s show will be headlined by the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds and Canadian Forces Snowbirds and will feature other aerial performers as well.

Following the Airshow on Friday, Sept. 30 and Saturday, Oct. 1 will be the two-night Afterburner Music Festival. The list of performers will be announced later.

Traditionally, the airborne acrobatics are done along the beachfront with the Huntington Beach Pier being a prime viewing spot. Anyone can watch the show, but VIP seating and social events will require tickets.

In addition to the aerial displays of military and civilian aircraft, there will be a boat race around Catalina Island on Friday, Sept. 30.

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  1. The actual Air Show is not bad but the three or four days of rehersal and practice before the day of the show is absolutely unbearable. These jet aircraft moving at hundreds of miles per hour just forty or fifty yards above our rooftops is so loud INSIDE your house, it’s beyond tolerable. I was a pilot in my younger years and pilots know that air shows have a potential for devastating crashes that can cause innocent civilian deaths. I want to see a change in the Air Shows flying protocols, NO MORE ACROBATIC OR MILITARY JET AIRCRAFT FLYING ABOVE OUR HOMES IN H.B. Let the Airshow flight rehersals, practice sessions, and the show itself take place over the Pacific Ocean and not our homes. The city council is placing us citizens in harm’s way when they permit supersonic jet aircraft flown by the U.S. or Canadian precision aerobatic flight teams to perform their death defying stunts right over our homes. Moving the Airshow to the Airspace directly above our beach and outlying ocean waters just makes good sense from a safety point of view. The H.B. city council is so in love with the Air Show, they haven’t even considered the “worst case scenario” when something goes wrong at an Airshow and they certainly won’t do what’s necessary NOW to prevent multiple deaths in the event of a mishap. The citizens of Huntington Beach need to realize the Pacific Airshow is both a wonderful addition to our city’s attractions and a potential disaster with great loss of life that could put Huntington Beach in a category of American cites to suffer great tragedy like, Waco TX., Littleton, CO.(where Columbine H.S. is located), Oklahoma City, OK., Flint, MI., Jonestown, Guyana, and on and on and on…

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