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7.5k Twitter workers laid off

ELON MUSK, the world’s richest man, is the founder of Tesla (Wikipedia).

New Twitter owner Elon Musk wasn’t joking when he said he would lay off three quarters of the employees at the social media giant.

On Friday, according to the Associated Press, Musk laid off 7,500 people. That’s about half of the company staff. Musk, who is considered the world’s richest man, claimed that the cuts were necessary because “the company is losing over $4M(illion)/day.” 

Employees were offered three months of salary as severance pay.

President Joe Biden on Friday accused Musk as someone who “spews lies all over the world.”

Russian draftees taking heavy losses

Having put under-trained conscripted soldiers into combat with Ukraine’s highly professional combat veterans, Russia is taking heavy casualties, according to The New York Times.

RUSSIA has sent raw recruits into combat, leading to heavy losses (Shutterstock).

Videos shot by Ukrainian drones show the bodies of the invaders smashed by artillery. News media in Russia is taking the rare step of reporting on soldiers claiming large numbers of their comrades have been killed and wounded.

Many of the newly drafted are being sent to defend the Russian-held city of Kherson, where Ukrainian troops are said to be “closing in.”

Also in the news … Nike has announced it would be suspending its sponsorship relationship with New York Nets star Kyrie Irving for “failing to definitively disavow anti-Semitism.” He’s already been suspended for five games without pay by the Nets.

Sports: Astros can finish on Saturday

With a three game to two lead in the 2022 World Series, the Houston Astros can wrap things up on Saturday at Minute Maid Park if they can win one more game over the Philadelphia Phillies.

On Thursday, the Astros beat the Phils 3-2. In the eighth inning, Jean Segura singled in what proved to be the winning run.

If Philadelphia can win Saturday, the deciding seventh game will be in Houston on Sunday.

College football: On Saturday, UCLA will visit Arizona State and USC will host Cal.

Pro basketball: The Los Angeles Clippers (5-4) defeated the San Antonio Spurs (5-4) 113-106. The Los Angeles Lakers are hosting the Utah Jazz.

Pro ice hockey: The Los Angeles Kings will host the Florida Panthers on Saturday. The Anaheim Ducks will visit the Minnesota Wild on Saturday,

Weather: Getting cool and cooler

If you like cool days and chilly nights, you will be happy with the weather in the West Orange County area. The National Weather Service calls for daytime temperatures in the high 60s to high 50s over the next few days.  The forecast for Saturday is for a daytime high of 69 under sunny skies with an overnight low of 52. Some morning fog will set in on Sunday, followed by sun. The high will be 69 (52). Monday will see the daytime high drop to 63 (53) with showers followed by clouds. Tuesday will follow with showers and clouds with a daytime high of 59 (48).

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