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Four races still remain close

FOUR LOCAL races remain unsettled a week after Election Day

UPDATE: The latest information on close races from the Orange County Registar of Voters:

OC Supervisor Second District:

  • Vicente Sarmiento 41,798
  • Kim Bernie Nguyen 40,212

Westminster City Council District 1:

  • Amy Phan West  2,915
  • John Gentile 2,893

Ocean View School District (three seats)

  • Patricia Singer 12,968
  • Jack Souders  12,466
  • Morgan Westmoreland 11,738
  • John Briscoe 11,687

Measure O (Huntington Beach Cannabis Tax): 

  • Yes 37,986 (54.11 percent)
  • No  32,210 (45.89 percent).


A week after Election Day, some races of interest to the West Orange County area remain balanced on a knife’s edge.

At our deadline today (Tuesday) in the battle for Orange County Supervisor Second District seat, Santa Ana Mayor Vicente Sarmiento still has a slim lead of 607 votes over Garden Grove Councilmember Kim Bernice Nguyen.

Amy Phan West has a lead of 71 votes over John Gentile in the race for the District 1 seat on the Westminster City Council.

In the Ocean View School District board member voting in which three are to be elected, the candidate running third – Morgan Westmoreland – has a 25-vote edge over John Briscoe, currently fourth.

Measure O, the ballot measure on taxation of cannabis business in Huntington Beach is slightly behind the requirement of 55 percent plus one to be approved. So far, the measure has 36,381 votes in favor (54.24 percent) and 30,699 against (45.76 percent).

The Orange County Registrar of Voters estimates that 176,541 votes remain to be processed countywide. Most of those are vote-by-mail ballots and those from drop boxes.

Note: For the latest results, go to ocvote.com .

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