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Struggle in eastern Ukraine

RUSSIAN and Ukrainian forces battle over eastern regions of Ukraine. (Shutterstock).

Russian and Ukrainian forces are continuing to fight for control of towns and villages near Bahkmat as the Russians push their effort to control eastern regions of Ukraine.

According to The New York Times, several eastern areas of Ukraine have large Russian-speaking populations and separatist attacks have been common there for years.

Conquest of those areas might give the Russian President Vladimir Putin a justification for declaring victory and seeking to end the war.

Independent sources indicate that the struggle there is close to a stalemate and that progress for either side is slow.

North Korea denies weapons claim

Officials of North Korea on Sunday denied U.S. accusations it was supplying Russia with weapons to be used against Ukraine.

According to United Press International, the government there stated that the U.S. was “crossing a red line” by agreeing to send American-made M1 main battle tanks to Ukraine and hinted at a “really undesirable result” if the “rumor” of weapons for Russia continued.

Sports: Chiefs, Eagles in Super Bowl

The lineup for Super Bowl LVII, set for Feb. 12 in Glendale, Arizona is set: it’ll be the Philadelphia Eagles (NFC champs) against the Kansas City Chiefs (AFC champs).

In the National Football Conference title game, the Eagles defeated the 49ers 31-7 in a game in which the Niners were hobbled by injuries to two of their quarterbacks.

In the American Football Conference championship game, the Chiefs won the game 23-20 on a field goal in the closing seconds.

Weather: Showers and then some sun

The forecast for the West Orange County area calls for showers on Monday with a daytime high of 58 and an overnight low of 43. The sun should return on Tuesday with a high of 62 and a low of 49. Wednesday should be sunny but slightly warmer with a daytime high of 65 and 42 overnight. The cloudy skies will return on Thursday and Friday.


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