Huntington Beach

E-bike laws go to council

E-BICYCLES are increasingly popular, and the Huntington Beach City Council will consider a new ordinance to regulate their use (Shutterstock).

New e-bike laws are on the agenda in a proposed ordinance for Tuesday night’s Huntington Beach City Council meeting.

The proposed ordinance would add definitions of different types of electric bikes, provide the ability for criminal or civil citations, and add a section for unsafe riding.

Also, the proposed amendments would permit authority to impound bicycles from juveniles if cited for violation.

According to a staff report, this update of the municipal code is necessary because many bicycles don’t confirm to existing laws; some laws are confusing and vague as to whether they apply and the update adds language that covers all types of electric conveyances.

The council will meet at 6 p.m. in its council chambers at 2000 Main St. (at Yorktown Avenue).

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