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Death toll in Nice rises to 84

THE DEATH TOLL in the terror attack in Nice, France, has risen to 84.

THE DEATH TOLL in the terror attack in Nice, France, has risen to 84.

The death toll in Thursday’s terrorist attack in Nice, France has risen to 84, according to the Associated Press. A Tunisian man drove a large truck loaded with guns and explosives through a crown of people celebrating Bastille Day in that seaside city, wounding at least 202 more people. MiddaynewswrapThe driver, identified as Mohamed Bouhlel, 31, of Nice, was fatally shot by police. The French government has announced it would extend its state of emergency by eight months and that thousands of police reservists would be pressed into duty. No group has yet claimed credit for the attack.


Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump announced Friday that his pick for vice president is Indiana Gov. Mike Pence. The announcement was made via Twitter. Pence, 57, served in Congress before being elected governor. He is considered a staunch conservative and a favorite of evangelical Christians. He was in the news earlier this year by signing a bill allowing businesses to deny service to gay people for religious reasons. The announcement was delayed one day because of the attack in France.


election2016bugA poll by the Associated Press released Friday showed that the controversy over Hillary Clinton’s use of a private e-mail server while serving as Secretary of State had hurt her politically, and that half of the potential electorate now regards her as untrustworthy. But the poll also showed that Donald Trump was not regarded as civil, honest, likable or qualified to be president by two-thirds of those polled. The survey showed Clinton with a 43 percent to 40 percent edge over Trump.


The Los Angeles Times reported Friday that Mick Jagger, 72, lead singer for the Rolling Stones rock band, will be a father for the eighth time. His girlfriend, ballerina Melanie Hamrick, 29, is pregnant with her first child, according to the Times. He also has grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

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