Huntington Beach

Fuel is spilled at Chevron terminal

OVER A THOUSAND gallons of gasoline were leaked at a Chevron terminal in Huntington Beach Wednesday morning (HBFD photo).

Over a thousand gallons of gasoline were spilled Wednesday morning at a Chevron terminal in Huntington Beach. According to Capt. Steven Teasdale of the Huntington Beach Fire Department, the incident started shortly after 6 a.m. at the terminal at 17881 Gothard St.

A tanker truck that was receiving its fuel load ruptured and was leaking. Chevron’s fire suppression system was already in motion by applying a layer of foam to the spill as firefighters arrived.

HBFD crews used hose lines with foam and water to suppress the vapors that could lead to ignition of flames. The HBFD’s Haz Mat team assisted in the effort. The remaining fuel – about 7000 gallons – was safely removed from the truck.

There were no injuries. The cause of the rupture – which released 1,040 gallons – is unknown and under investigation, according to Capt. Teasdale.

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