Huntington Beach

Water rate increase gets a final approval

WATER RATE INCREASES were approved at Monday’s meeting of the Huntington Beach City Council. (Flickr/Michael Moll).

An increase in water rates and a measure to create a comprehensive public arts program were both approved by the Huntington Beach City Council Monday night.

The council voted 5-2 (with Erik Peterson and William O’Connell dissenting) to change the rates charges for water and to improve the city’s water infrastructure, the second and final vote on the ordinance first approved on April 2.

What was approved is a series of increases in water costs for not only the water itself, but also a capital charge for the city’s infrastructure including water wells, production and distribution to deal with the maintenance and modernization of a system that’s 30 to 60 years ago.

The impact of the water rate hike will vary by user and volume, but – according to a report by Travis Hopkins, the city’s director of public works – a typical single family user now paying $25 for water and a $11.82 meter charge for a total of $36.92 month would see a hike to $25.99 for the water, a $12.70 meter charge and a new levy of $3 monthly for an increase to $41.69 per month.

That number assumes that the resident uses 12 units of water per month and a standard three-quarter inch meter.

The commodity charge is based on what the city expects to have to pay for water imported and purchased from the Orange County Water District and the Metropolitan Water District. The capital charge would go toward work on the city’s water system.

The capital charge will go into effect on July 1, 2018.

Also on Monday night, the council approved Councilwoman Lyn Semeta’s proposal to create a program for arts in the city, including exploring potential funding and organization. The vote was 7-0 in favor.

The next council meeting will be held on May 7.



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