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Beard will rework “West Grove” resolution

KRIS BEARD, Garden Grove City Council member (Tribune file photo).

By Jim Tortolano

Garden Grove Councilman Kris Beard’s proposal to give the western part of the city its own brand as “West Grove” will be getting a bit of a shave.

At Tuesday’s meeting of the council, the District 1 councilman heard some harsh words, as well as encouragement, from members of the public on a resolution that Beard proposed.

The resolution would recognize that area west of Western Avenue as a part of the city that has “long demonstrated a profound sense of community pride so distinct, they identify the area as ‘West Garden Grove’ with the affinity and the character of a small, family-oriented, hard-working, middle-class, ‘All American hometown.”

But on social media, as well as Tuesday night in person, his wording drew some hard words.

Lena Nguyen said that although he believed Beard had good intentions, “there could have been a better way to word it,” arguing that the text would “separate the city.” Those complaining about the draft resolution said the wording seemed to imply that West Garden Grove was somehow more “All American” than other, more racially diverse parts of the city.

But Beard had his backers, including son Alex Beard, who told the council that the branding effort would be beneficial for economic development of the area. Another speaker compared West Garden Grove favorably to the rest of the city, which drew some grumbling from the audience.

Beard defended his handiwork. “This is a draft resolution,” he said. “I asked for it [public input] and I got it. I don’t intend to submit the resolution as it is.”

He said he didn’t mean to be critical of other parts of Garden Grove and that he was a supporter of all parts of the city. Beard promised to replace “controversial words” with better language and bring a resolution back later, perhaps in May.

Also at the meeting, the council voted 7-0 in favor of an amended agreement for the development of a new Nickelodeon-themed hotel on Harbor Boulevard with a one-year time extension.

Additionally, the council approved a general plan amendment and planned unit development for the completion of the project popularly known as “the rusty skeleton.” The mixed-use housing and retail enterprise at 10800 Garden Grove Blvd., west of Brookhurst Street, will include 400 senior citizen housing units.

The next meeting of the city council is planned for May 8.


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