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Biden, Bernie battling; Do, Janet lead

RESULTS from Tuesday’s balloting here and across the nation (Shutterstock).

SECOND UPDATE: On the national stage, one more Democratic presidential candidate is dropping out after Joe Biden’s successes on Super Tuesday. Billionaire Mike Bloomberg announced he was suspending his campaign and will endorse Biden.

Local results show incumbent Orange County First District Supervisor Andrew Do with a solid lead in his race, while in the 72nd District State Assembly contest, former state senator Janet Nguyen is retaining her edge.  These tallies are as of 10:25 a.m. Wednesday. For the latest results, go to www.ocvote.com .

First District County Supervisor

  • Andrew Do (incumbent): 26,682 votes; 44.60 percent.
  • Sergio Contreras: 12,303 votes; 20.57 percent.
  • Miguel Pulido: 11,921 votes; 19.93 percent.
  • Kim Bernice Nguyen: 8,913 votes; 14.90 percent.

72nd District State Assembly

  • Janet Nguyen: 25,937 votes; 35.09 percent
  • Tyler Diep (incumbent): 19,560 votes; 26.46 percent
  • Diedre Thu-Ha Nguyen: 17,487 votes; 23.66 percent.
  • Bijan Mohseni: 10,927 votes; 14.78 percent.

Measure L: Rancho Santiago Community College District bonds.

  • Yes: 31,604 votes; 51.47 percent.
  • No: 29,794 votes: 48.53 percent.


UPDATE: Incumbent First District Orange County Supervisor was building up a big lead Tuesday night in his re-election bid. Here are the tallies as of 10 p.m. according to the Orange Country Registrar of Voters. For the latest results, go to www.ocvote.com.

First District County Supervisor

  • Andrew Do (incumbent) 21,546 votes; 48.59 percent.
  • Sergio Contreras 8,458 votes; 19.07 percent.
  • Miguel Pulido 8,072 votes; 18.09 percent.
  • Kim Bernice Nguyen 6,317 votes, 14.25 percent.

72nd District State Assembly

  • Janet Nguyen 20,201 votes; 36.91 percent.
  • Tyler Diep (incumbent) 15,695 votes; 28.67 percent.
  • Diedre Thu-Han Nguyen 11,822 votes: 21.60 percent.
  • Bijan Mohseni 7,019 votes; 12.82 percent.

Measure L: Bond issue for the Rancho Santiago School District

  • Yes: 20,721 votes: 49.02 percent.
  • No: 21,553 votes: 50.98 percent.

Biden now leading in Texas, Maine

As of 10:26 p.m., former Vice President Joe Biden was leading in Texas and Maine in the final two “Super Tuesday” states.

In Texas, he was ahead 32.2 to 29.3 percent (about 48,000 votes) with 76 percent of the vote counted of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders in the election for delegates to the Democratic National Convention.

In Maine, Biden held a 33.8 to 33.2 edge (about 3000 votes) over Sanders with 91 percent of the votes tallied.

If those leads hold up, Biden will have won 10 states and Sanders four.  The New York Times estimates that Biden will finish the day with 655 total delegates (44 percent) to the convention, with Sanders at 585 (39 percent). Michael Bloomberg would be third with 118 delegates (eight percent) and Elizabeth Warren fourth with 103 (seven percent).


The polls have closed in California, Orange County and across the United States, it’s still not easy to tell who – if anyone – had a truly Super Tuesday.

At the national level, Vice President Joe Biden can claim to be the new front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination. As of 8:30 p.m., he was projected by Real Clear Politics to finish first in nine states, with a cumulative total of 352 delegates to the national convention.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders came out on top in four states, including California. Sanders’ delegate total was put at 238. Texas and Maine were yet to be called.

In Orange County, the most hotly contested local contests for the cities of Garden Grove, Huntington Beach, Stanton and Westminster produced first only votes cast by mail.

  • First District, Orange County Board of Directors: Andrew Do (incumbent) 50.07 percent of votes; Sergio Contreras 18.02 percent; Miguel Pulido 17.63 percent; Kim Bernice Nguyen 14.27 percent.
  • 72nd State Assembly District: Janet Nguyen (Republican) 50.07 percent, Tyler Diep (Republican-incumbent) 29.01 percent, Diedre Thu-Ha Nguyen (Democrat) 20.94 percent.

This is a developing story; results will be updated throughout the night and morning.

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