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Some hope in the Ukraine crisis?

VLADIMIR PUTIN, president of Russia. Shutterstock).

Is there a ray of light in the tense standoff between the United States and Russia over the Ukraine?

Stating his willingness to continue talks, Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday criticized the Western allies for “ignoring Russia’s security needs,” but expressed hope that “we will eventually find a solution, although we realize that it’s not going to be easy,” according to the Associated Press.

Russia continues to deny that it has plans to invade its neighbor, although there are an estimated 100,000 troops on the border. Putin is demanding that the U.S, and NATO agree to never take in Ukraine as a member of that alliance and scale back its military forces in other Eastern European countries once part of the now-defunct Soviet Union.

The U.S. and NATO have refused those demands, and have begun sending additional military equipment to Ukraine as well as putting troops on alert. President Joe Biden has vowed to impose severe economic sanctions on Russia if an invasion takes place.

House panel looks at Trump’s role in election


How involved was former president Donald Trump in a plan to seize voting machines after the 2020 election under a national security pretext to delay or prevent Joe Biden being declared the next president?

According to The New York Times, the House Committee looking into the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol by supporters of Trump has obtained a White House document outlining a proposal to direct the military to take possession of the machines, alleging “foreign interference” in the voting.

Trump insists, without evidence, that there was widespread fraud in the election and that he, not Biden, had won.

Sports: Finally, Tom Brady calls it quits

TOM BRADY as a Patriot.

After several days of “will he or won’t he,” football superstar Tom Brady finally announced his retirement from the NFL Tuesday morning. Brady, often called the “Greatest of All Time” at the quarterback position, played 20 years – 18 with the New England Patriots and two with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

In a tweet, Brady said, “This is difficult for me to write, but here it goes: I am not going to make that competitive commitment anymore. I have loved my NFL career and now it is time to focus my time and energy on other things that require my attention.”

Brady led his teams to seven Super Bowl championships. He was named Most Valuable Player of the National Football League three times.

Weather: Here comes the sun

It’s been cool in the West Orange County area, but sunny days are right around the corner. Wednesday’s forecast calls for sunny and windy conditions, with a daytime high of 67 (46 overnight). The wind should die down and temperatures rise to 69 (48) on Thursday and 71 (43) on Friday.

Business/Finance:  Why the “Great Resignation?”

An estimated 4.3 million American workers quit their jobs in December, according to a report from the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics. Job openings across the nation have reached 10.9 million as layoffs and firings are at a low.

According to Business Insider, the resignations aren’t about people dropping out of the work force, but instead shopping around for a better job in this time of a labor shortage.


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