Garden Grove

Wrestling, wheel and more made “Open Streets” scene

THE “RED CAR” mural celebrates the role of the railroad in Garden Grove’s history and development (Orange County Tribune photo by Marilyn Tortolano).

The “Open Streets 2022” event in the downtown area of Garden Grove brought out wrestlers, singers, musicians and a whole lot of residents on Saturday afternoon and evening.

As part of plans to spotlight both the current attractions and possible future of the city’s central core, visitors to the area – radiating out from historic Main Street and the north side of Garden Grove Boulevard – were treated to a variety of entertainments and attractions, as well as booths and tables offering information about an assortment of public agencies and private organizations promoting their services.

LUCHA LIBRE wrestlers put on a show at Euclid and Acacia (Tribune photo by Jim Tortolano).

At Euclid Street and Acacia Parkway, flamboyant “Lucha Libre” wrestlers performed their act-robatic combats. Along the Medal of Honor Bike and Pedestrian path, walkers and bicyclists rolled past a new mural saluting Garden Grove’s railroad past with a colorful look at the old “Red Cars.” Southeast, a Ferris Wheel towered over the scene.

The center of it all was Main Street, which was closed to vehicular traffic between Acacia and Garden Grove Boulevard to create room for the “After Party” from 6-10 p.m., featuring live music, a beer trailer and other attractions.

North of that block along Main was a wide variety of food trucks, booths and craft activities, including painting a car in a colorful variety of hues.

The whole event was organized and sponsored by the City of Garden Grove in cooperation with many civic and community partners.

ARE THEY old enough to drive? A variety of transportation modes were on display in Saturday’s “Open Streets” event in Garden Grove (Tribune photo).

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